It’s a funny thing, the more I practice the luckier I get. ~ Arnold Palmer

I know it’s been a minute since I’ve written anything, but, in my defense, I’ve been busy as a long-tailed cat at a rocking-chair convention. Work is kicking my ass with more and diverse projects. School is awesome, but a ton of work. Family, well, I have a teenage boy, need I say more? I guess you could say I’m busy and be technically accurate. In past lives, I perhaps would have been simply just freaked out. I mean, it’s all so overwhelming, right?! The weird thing is that I’m at peace. Favor with my bosses by way of a promotion (after 11 months in my current position). Favor with the grade gods at school (closed out my first college class in 20 years with a solid A). A teenage boy who actually smiled for three whole seconds this afternoon. Without trying to jinx myself, right at the moment, things are going pretty dang good. Lucky? Well, if by luck you mean, working my ass off and being recognized for it, then hell yeah I’m lucky! Turns out, being present, engaged and putting in the work really does pay dividends. Does that mean that life’s easy? Ummm, no, I’ve got more balls in the air than a Harlem Globetrotter and, yeah, I’m a little scared because, well, it’s a lot of balls to be managing. But, when I get a little freaked out, I remind myself of something a professor shared: “I can so do this!”

Here’s to all the hard work that goes in to being lucky in life. Cheers y’all!

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Language of the Soul

Language is magic: it makes things appear and disappear. ~ Nicole Brossard

Tuesday’s are incredibly busy at my house. I’m out the door by 7:30 in the morning with the knowledge that I won’t be pulling back in the driveway until well after 10:00 that night. Tuesday is also the night of one of my favorite TV shows, So You Think You Can Dance. Thankfully, due to the wonders of technology, I don’t have to miss this rather marvelous show. So, Wednesday night, Paris and I sat down, hit play on the DVR and were treated to some amazing dancing. Interspersed between dance sequences were some great stories designed to tug at the heart strings. The story of Shane Garcia was particularly beautiful. We were introduced to Shane in an interview with the host and we quickly found out that this kid could barely string together more than two words without stuttering so badly one practically couldn’t understand him. I remember thinking, “gosh, I hope this guy can dance, otherwise telling his story would be kind of crass!” Then he took the stage and when he was done, he had told his story in such a magical way that those of us witnessing were left speechless. This kid may not be able to have an easy-going conversation like I can, but he has learned a language that transcends words. He told us that his world wasn’t confined by the words he could barely utter anyway…his world was bigger somehow. It was pure, unadulterated magic AND a valuable lesson for me. There are all sorts of limitations that I have, whether they be imposed by society or self-imposed. Whatever those limitations, they have served at times to keep me from the abundant life I was created to live. What would happen if I realized that a limitation in one area doesn’t confine me in all areas? By releasing myself from the limitations I carry, perhaps my own magic would start to appear. It’s worth a thought!

Here’s to realizing the magic in each of us! Cheers y’all!

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Boners and Boobs

We come fresh to the different stages of life, and in each of them we are quite inexperienced, no matter how old we are. ~ Fran├žois de la Rochefoucauld

I’ve decided that navigating through the confusion that is one-phase-or-another in life is perhaps our biggest challenge. My kid is 14 and, like most 14-year-old boys, is going through the “boners and boobs” phase. How do I know this? Let me state the obvious, he’s a 14-year-old boy. That means as his parents we get to give great advise like, “don’t run up to girls and ask to see their boobs…that’s not the way it works.” I feel pretty sure my kid will grow out of this phase into a mature man. At least he will if we have anything to say about it. When we hit a new phase in our lives, the trick is to acknowledge that we really don’t know how to handle what we’re about to face (or are facing) and then quickly figure out what we need to do to master said phase and move on. It’s easy to say that this is a kid problem, I mean, they don’t have the reservoir of knowledge from which to draw to know that there are different phases of life to master. But I think maybe, those of us who have lived a little bit need to be reminded that we start off at square one in each new phase of life and it’s up to us to master and move on. Staying perpetually stuck in the “boners and boobs” phase might be good if you’re trying to sell certain genres of music, but it won’t be very helpful when it comes to being a success at life. As I’m starting school again after 20+ years, it’s helpful to be reminded that I’m coming in to this inexperienced and it’s gonna take a little while to figure everything out. But I’ll get it done! Watch me!

Here’s to remembering that we have to walk before we run! Cheers y’all!

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Write It Down

I guess this is kind of a ratty question, but what have you written lately? ~ Audrey Hepburn

It’s been a little bit over a year since I last wrote anything down. I would apologize but given everything that has transpired this past year, I frankly just didn’t have the time. A quick recap: last summer, my family and I relocated to Portland OR from the Los Angeles CA area for my work. Getting settled in to a new home, new job, new church, new schools (yes, that’s a plural as we’re all in school) and a new pattern of living has taken an inordinate amount of time and energy. But I can’t complain because life, life is good! Paris is rapidly approaching the end of his 9th grade year at the local high school; a year that saw him making new and lifetime friends, reconnecting with family, playing on a winning football team and growing like a weed. There’s been a new house to acclimate to along with figuring out what it takes to keep the yard looking like the best one on the block, not to mention our ever expanding menagerie which just this past week saw the addition of four baby chicks. My new job has taken on new and exciting dynamics that are unexpected and so rewarding. And then there is school. School was a concept that was always in the back of my mind but never seemed to germinate…until now. And so, here I am, feeling like a kid again. This mixture of fear and excitement is a new feeling for me. And it’s a feeling I kind of like. As I’m reading through the first chapter of the textbook for my first class, I realize I’ve got a lot to learn. Part of learning is sharing and so, I’m going to start that process by sharing my learning with you. I promise it’ll be fun! Just like old times! You ready?

Here’s to learning and growing and everything that means! Cheers y’all!

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Wisdom is gathered from a multitude of poor decisions. ~ Paul V Harris

I had to laugh when I read that quote by Paul Harris. I mean, if that is really the case, then there are some of us who are much wiser than others. I won’t regale you with some of the poor decisions I’ve made in my life, but I’ve got a great library from which to choose. There are several ways one can look at the bank of poor decisions I’ve built up over my life. One could make the argument that I should have a lot of regrets about some of my choices. The fact is, I don’t. The choices I have made were the ones that seemed right, or that I wanted to make at that time. That’s not to say I would make the same choices now because I would not. But I’ve learned some amazing lessons. I’m happy with where I’m at now and the decisions I’m making. I can honestly say though that had I not made some of the decisions I made in the past, I wouldn’t be making some of the decisions I’m making today. Those decisions that I’m making today are paying some rich dividends and I’m thankful for that. I’m also cognizant that I may look back one day at today’s decisions and not repeat them either. It’s part of growing you know and frankly, I don’t ever want to stop!

Here’s to all the messy that goes with growth! Cheers y’all!

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