About Jonathan

As the son and grandson of itinerant preachers, Jonathan spent his formative years in transit. With little to do but observe life from the freeway, Jonathan developed a uniquely powerful perspective that delights readers from a cross section of cultures and experiences. In his late teens Jonathan settled on the West Coast where today he resides with his family just minutes outside of Portland Oregon.

Growing up in a preacher’s home, the general consensus was that Jonathan would follow in the footsteps of his father and grandfathers. Life however dealt him a different hand and the outcome is like nothing even he could have foreseen. The journey that began over 40 years ago still continues and as long as it does, Jonathan will continue to put onto paper his unique insights!


2 thoughts on “About Jonathan

  1. Michele Kelley

    Would love to hear from you, please e-mail me. Michele (Morgan) Kelley

  2. William

    I am touched by this story… I am going through a storm and I need this reminder that there is a safe place…
    Thank you Jonathan!

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