Memorial Day Gratitude!

You simply will not be the same person two months from now after consciously giving thanks each day for the abundance that exists in your life.” ~ Sarah Ban Breathnach

This Memorial Day weekend we remember those who have died in pursuit of the liberty and freedoms that we as Americans enjoy. Often this means spending time with family and friends over good food and activities designed to remind us that we are truly blessed. This has perfectly described my weekend. On Saturday, we headed out to my parents’ home to celebrate the birthday of my nephew who just turned 8. Family, friends and good food! It was the recipe for a perfect day. Yesterday, we loaded up the car and headed to my in-laws who were hosting a BBQ. Again we were surrounded by family, friends and good food. Watching my kid play basketball with his cousins and grandpa, chow down on ribs and smores, I was reminded just how blessed I am. While we aren’t Bill Gates wealthy, our lives are filled with abundance. One of the learning points in this week’s lesson is “Change your perspective.” Sometimes in the humdrum of life, we forget just how much we are blessed with. If we could just scrape enough together for that new car, or a larger TV or more of this or that, we could then feel like we’re really living the good life. But over this Memorial Day weekend, as nephews and nieces, aunts and uncles as well as grandparents surrounded us, I was reminded what an incredibly wealthy man I am! Today, as we remember those who gave their lives so that we could enjoy our families in freedom, I want to remember to always live in this attitude of gratitude. To be this blessed and not show thanks would be a true tragedy.

Here’s to recognizing the abundance that fills our lives! Cheers y’all!

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