By Ourselves

We’re all in this together–by ourselves. ~ Lily Tomlin

The pictures out of the Midwest have invaded my TV like an awful nightmare. They tell stories of suffering and horror, of loss and immense pain. They also tell the stories of heroic men and women who are working like hell to find those still missing. I know what it is like to go through a tornado of enormous magnitude. In 1979, as a young boy, an F4 tornado struck the town I was living in, part of what was known as “Terrible Tuesday.” I vividly remember driving from our home which had no storm cellar, to our friend’s home which did and looking out the back window of the car and seeing that gigantic tornado. Arriving at our friend’s home, we literally flew into an already crowded storm cellar. Despite the relative safety the storm cellar provided, the fury of that moment filled a little boy’s heart with fear. I remember my ears popping and ringing and the horrific sounds of destruction just above. Those sounds stay with you. The aftermath of that storm was terrible…42 people died that day in my little town. As I’ve watched the devastation that has played out in the Midwest these past two days, I am reminded of that little boy, surrounded by family and friends and yet, alone. While it is great to have comfort and support in times of deep trouble, but in reality, we process our feelings alone. As the people of the Shawnee and Moore begin the rebuilding, my prayer is that they find the comfort and strength that they need and that we, as their fellow human beings, can offer the support that will be needed to walk through this valley.

Prayers for comfort, healing and strength!

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