Failure = Success?

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently. ~ Henry Ford

Tonight I’ve been helping the kid write out his science report for an experiment that failed. He was totally bummed about the failure. I don’t blame him because tomorrow he has to get up in front of his 8th grade science class and give an oral presentation about an experiment that wasn’t. I could see it in his face and it made me sad. As I was thinking about his disappointment, I had a thought about failure. So, I pulled out my trusty computer and did a little Google search. It didn’t take too long to come across some very interesting facts about failure and success. Did you know that Henry Ford had five failed business ventures before starting what turned into one of the world’s largest automobile companies…Ford Motor Company? I mentioned this to the kid and was amazed at how his face quickly brighten up. It didn’t take much encouragement and just a little research before the kid was busy writing out a really good paper about failure and how it is often the catalyst for success. I’m proud of him for realizing that sometimes it’s going to take hitting a wall before making the big breakthrough. It was also a great reminder for me that not everything will come out like I hoped. That’s ok though because if Thomas Edison could have over one thousand failures before coming up with that one invention that has literally lit the world, then perhaps I’ll be all right as well.

Here’s to failure and the success it brings! Cheers y’all!

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