come over and we will over come that which has come over us. ~ Peter McWilliams

I’ve always had this ideal of what a perfect life should be and, like most of us, my life has not lived up to the bar I’ve set. My family is amazing. I haven’t always thought so though. As I’ve looked for perfection I couldn’t find in myself, I’ve grown close to some people, in some cases wishing they could replace my own family, but eventually, their imperfections became clear as well and so, another “family” was put on the shelf. Our families are our support system and as I’ve gotten older and become a parent myself I’ve come to realize how much they mean to me. In spite of all our imperfections and dysfunctions, they are mine. They say we are only as strong as the support we have around us and as long as I have my family, I’m practically he-man (or she-ra, or you know, whoever). It doesn’t matter if I live next door to them or half-way around the world…their love is all that matters in this world.

Here’s to family! Oh, and big congrats to my little sis who is celebrating 18 years of marriage today! Cheers y’all!

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