Success is yours. Now is the time to go confidently forward. ~ the fortune in my wallet

I love Sunday evenings! Sitting around the table with the family is a highlight of my week. The kid and I tried a new recipe for short ribs and dang did they turn out good. I should back up though…I think I mentioned that we are between two houses right now. We’re mostly out of one and into the new one, but it’s taking longer to get everything wrapped up in the old one. Yeah we have it until the end of the month, but with the owner wanting to show it to prospective tenants, it creates a bit of a challenge. We’re behind. Plus, this weekend was the Long Beach Grand Prix and, when I heard the first race car start up (yes, I was sitting at my dining room table when I heard it if that gives you any indication how close we are to the track), the redneck in me got a little excited. Between laundry and trips to the old place, plus planning tonight’s menu, there wasn’t much time left to indulge in my inner-redneck. On top of it all, the kid has a science project due in a week and he’s decided to document making rock candy…and yeah, that takes at least a week so there was that. Frankly, I’m a little worn out. It’s a good feeling though because of the direction I’m headed. This week is going to be crazy! I’m presenting at a national conference my company puts on…it’s kind of a big deal. Plus, there’s the launch of a new project I’ve been working on for the past six months (or more) and well, it’s exciting. There’s a lot going on and I’m super thankful for the success that’s coming into my life right now. It’s a good feeling!

Here’s to moving forward and weekends that are too short! Cheers y’all!

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