How great would life be if we lived a little of it every day! ~ the view from my throne

It rained today. All day. For some of you that’s not a big deal. For those of us in Southern California, it’s just strange. We don’t know how to drive in the stuff. The freeways are clogged. We’re spinning out. Acting like we’ve never seen a raindrop in our life. If I’m being honest, it’s kind of cool. As I watched the raindrops fall, watched the lightening light up the darkened sky, heard the thunder crash, I was reminded that life is what we make of it. I love the sunny days that make up most of our waking hours. I love the sparkle of the waves as they crash on the beach. Love the gleam of the snow on the mountain peaks in the distance. I also love days like today with it’s dark skies, the palm trees bending in the wind, the raindrops falling, the puddles of water making me feel like a kid again. I love life. Each moment is special. Mostly it’s sunny, but sometimes the rain falls. Any way you look at it though, life is amazing. It’s amazing because I decided it is. Whether sun or rain, I’m living life on my terms and I’m good with that!

Here’s to the sun and the rain and whatever else life brings my way. Cheers y’all!

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