The way you see yourself will often determine how people see you. ~ Paulo Coelho

Today I read an amazing story of a survivor of the theoretical, and quickly going out of vogue, practice of attempting to “cure” people of something as innate as their eye color…their sexuality. Part of the “cure” these theorists postulate lays the blame for a person’s sexuality on their relationship with their parents. In other words, their parents were deficient in their love and therefore they had a gay child. There are those, often those who sell this snake oil (As Seen On Your TV), who say that gay people are broken. And yes, there are studies that indicate that gay people do suffer a higher rate of drug and alcohol abuse and have higher rates of suicide. I suspect the reason you see these struggles in the gay community is because of the forced internalization of homophobia – when the world around you defines you as defective and you are trained to blame your natural support system, i.e. your parents, it is to be expected that decisions are made that are harmful to one’s being. It’s a wonder that any gay person manages to survive and yet the gay people I know have not only survived, they are successful in life and love. I will never understand those who, in support of their theory, have destroyed so many families. In the scriptures it says that we are uniquely and wonderfully made. Perhaps it’s time for all of us, whether gay or straight, whatever our ethnic make-up may be, every human being, to start to walk in the knowledge that we are great and quit letting the shyster theories of some define the box we’re to live in.

Here’s to living the amazing life that is ours by virtue of who we are! Each one of us are perfect! Cheers y’all!

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