If at first you don’t succeed, then maybe you should do it the way I told you to in the beginning. ~ seen on a card

I’m pretty smart! I work my butt off! I’m pretty dang good at what I do! People actually seek out my input and advice. Let’s just admit it, I’m awesome! Ok, except when I’m not. Sometimes I pull some pretty boneheaded moves. Maybe you’ve had one of those moments – you’re all suited and booted, every hair in the place you want them to be, eyebrows properly plucked and tweezed, standing in front of a room of pretty dang important people really expounding on the importance of the project you’ve been asked to present when you realize you’ve opened a window into a private little world and the direction the people are staring at is not at the amazing overhead presentation but rather at the package trying to escape the loving fabric of your trousers. At that moment of realization, the perfectly laid out presentation vanished from my head and I became a bumbling, stuttering idiot. Oh yeah I did. Grief y’all! There’s no recovering and no need even trying. Just close up shop and head on home. Gosh it’s tough being perfect sometimes!

Here’s to those boneheaded moments that keep us grounded. Cheers y’all!

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