Just be perfect Paris! ~ Me

Tonight has been rather perfect…ok, perhaps I should say that it would be perfect, were it not for Tony Montana by Future blasting out of my computer right now. The kid and I just finished making apple pies, healthy apple pies to be exact (he thinks no one cares that they are healthy, the only important thing is that they are pie). In fact, we’ve just pulled the pies out from the oven and dang, the house smells so good. We’re sitting at the dining room table, me tapping away on my computer while the kid yells out the words to some [inane] rap song while playing video games on his handheld. I love hanging with my kid! The deal is though, when we’re just hanging out, I find myself often reminded that I’m affected with the curse of perfectionism! For some silly reason, I think he should be more perfect that I ever dreamed of being. At times I’ve heard myself yelling at some teenage normalcy and then shaking my head at the stupidity I seemingly have fallen into. Nowadays, instead of yelling at his slight teenage imperfections, I find myself telling him to “just be perfect!” It’s reminder to me that he’s 13! It’s also a reminder that I’m not perfect despite how desperately I try to project otherwise.

So here’s to [healthy] apple pie and the imperfection we all need just a little of. Cheers y’all!

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