You will bring sunshine into someone’s life. ~ My Fortune

You ever wake up thinking about food? This morning I found myself immediately in the mood for Pick Up Stix. They’ve got a great Garlic Shrimp that the very thought of was tantalizing my taste buds all day long. After work and a myriad of errands, I phoned from the car so I could pick up on the way home. Honestly, the food lived up to the hype my taste buds had been building all day. It was perfect! As I sat back ready to relax for a bit before hitting the bed, I cracked open the Fortune Cookie and read my fortune. What an awesome thought that I am going to “bring sunshine into someone’s life.” It made me smile. There are some people in this life who, I think, really believe their mandate is to rain on the parade of everyone around them. I can’t imagine living like that. When I bring sunshine into the lives of those around me, it is the greatest feeling in the world. So yeah, I get to bring sunshine into someone’s life. How lucky am I?!

Here’s being a little bit altruistic! Cheers y’all!

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