Doubt is part of all religion. All the religious thinkers were doubters. ~ Isaac Bashevis Singer

I read this quote today and man did it encourage me. The religious tradition I was raised in discouraged any type of doubt. Here’s kind of how it went – You MUST believe the sky is green even though every sign is pointing to it being blue. Any doubt disqualified you from whatever it was you were striving for. Perfection I’m assuming. Anyway, it came to mind when reading this that even that person the Christian tradition is based upon had doubts. Why then is it so verboten for me to doubt? In truth, my doubts have made me a stronger person. Those doubts have made me ask questions I might otherwise not have asked. They’ve made me find answers that wouldn’t have been visible from a simple scratching of the surface. I don’t have answers to a lot of my questions and you know what, that’s ok. Maybe I never will. Maybe, some of the answers will have an unintended effect on my belief system. That’s all ok. I think as long as we are searching, we’ll find the answers that we need. That doesn’t mean we’ll find all the answers we are looking for, just the ones we need. And really, isn’t that all that matters?

Here’s to doubting!! Cheers y’all!

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