A finished person is a boring person. ~ Anna Quindlen

This week I’ve been chatting with some people who came out of the same rather weird religious sect I was raised in. For those not in the know, I was raised with people who gave lip service to the idea that “god was still working on them” but acted like they had acheived some sort of divine perfection here on earth. As such, they were able to sit in judgement of every last person around them. One person might not cross their “t’s” just right, and as such, that meant they were no longer on the in with this god they all professed to love and serve. To say that those of us no longer associated with this particular sect have not had to face some real struggles finding normalacy, would be total BS. We have dealt with some serious issues about self-worth and a god who loves us, even (and maybe especially) when we’re human. When I read the quote above, I thought about just how boring those people are. Besides constantly monitoring those around them (their only bit of entertainment), they can’t see any room for personal improvement and so, they sit in god’s waiting room waiting to be carried away into the great brilliant beyond and miss out on some of the amazing things that have been placed on this stunning earth. I hope I’m never finished because there’s a whole lot I haven’t experienced. Plus, any god that would perfect or finish me before my time sounds a little twisted and not worthy of real respect.

Here’s to NOT being boring! Cheers y’all!

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