Talk Talk

A conversation, like dancing, has some rules, although I’ve never seen them stated anywhere. The objective of conversation is to entertain or inform the other person while not using up all of the talking time. ~ Scott Adams ~ Dilbert Creator

She wouldn’t shut the hell up. Everytime I tried to get a word in, she verbally ran right over me saying she completely understood what I was saying. It so confused the heck out of me how she could understand what I was saying when I hadn’t had a chance to say anything yet. At the end of the “conversation”, she told me she was so glad we had “had this time to share.” I’m still not sure what we shared because after three attempts at saying something and getting verbally run over, I just tuned out. There have been moments in my life though where I’m sure I was the person totally monopolizing the conversation. I was the one who couldn’t shut the hell up. At least I was sure that’s what everyone said about me (the head games we play on ourselves sometimes are sick!). It caused all sorts of [undue] stress in my life. Scott’s comment reminded me that (i) there are rules to conversations, (ii) those rules make perfect sense and (iii) I shouldn’t get myself all worried because I’m not that guy/girl we all know that can’t shut the hell up. Funny, knowing there are rules and that I’m living by them (for the most part) actually is a stress buster. That and pulling out all my old TALK TALK cassettes and giving them a good whirl (yeah, I thought these guys were IT back in high school!)!

Here’s to playing by the rules…conversation rules that is! Cheers y’all!

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