There you were, dancing. ~ Peter McWilliams

Several years ago, as I was thumbing through a book of Peter McWilliams’ poems, I happened across his poem entitled Dancing. As I read the opening stanza above, I immediately thought about the very first time I walked into a rave. Yeah, I was kind of a rave kid (and please don’t mention it to my kid, I think the shock of me at a rave would probably send him over the end). I can still hear the DJ laying down those sick beats, the thrill of a room filled with people who were almost in a trance, moving to the vibrations and the rythms. It was beautiful! Today those beats are what get me to the gym, but ever so often I think that it’s time to break out the glow-sticks (ok, maybe not the glow-sticks), tell the DJ to bust out some sick tracks, forget about everything else and just dance. There is something so incredibly beautiful about watching someone whose body is completely inhabited by the music. Before long, you have no choice but to join them. As the world with all its drama and issues slips away, you find yourself moving and groving filled with love and life and beauty. For that brief moment, you’ve managed to escape into a little bit of heaven. Sometimes I think we get a little too wrapped up in our world and forget the dance. Don’t forget to dance! There’s pure beauty in the dance!

Here’s to dancing…all night…all day…even if only in our minds! Cheers y’all!

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