…some days you feel like a nut, some days you don’t…

That jingle from the Almond Joy/Mounds commercials has been running through my head of late. One of the projects I lead at work has our membership partnering with leadership to enhance the “health care delivery” process. Our monthly meeting with these members comes on a Friday and today I was wiped out. A combination of the time-change, professional obligations and personal issues left me feeling nuttier than a jar of peanut butter, or, as my great-grandmother use to say, “like I had been run through the wringer forward and back.” As I looked around the room at these amazing people I get the priviledge of working with, I started to remember some of the backstories, not always good and I was reminded that here were a group of people who were able to look past their own, sometimes significant issues, at the bigger picture. I needed that boost! I needed a reminder that being myopic in my view is detrimental to my health. I left that meeting encouraged, and, for the first time in days, felt a smile on my face. It’s ok to feel nutty sometimes…lord knows, I much prefer Almond Joys…but, there’s a bigger world out there than just my own little psychosis.

Here’s to remembering there’s a whole world outside of our little four walls! Go enjoy life! Cheers y’all!

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