Clear Eyes

I tried on your glasses and I was blind! ~ the kid aka Paris

One morning when Paris was about six, he was goofing off instead of getting ready for school (typical six year-old behavior). I came down the hallway to help roust him out of the bathroom and, just before I got to the door, he came barging out bouncing off the walls laughing his little head off. I thought he must have lost his mind and was about ready to launch in to a diatribe about getting ready and not making others wait when he sweetly and laughingly said the above quote. I couldn’t help but lose my head of steam and laugh along with him. Later I thought about what he said and it hit me, too often we as humans are living our lives according to other people’s prescriptions instead of our own. We blindly bounce off of walls, get dizzy, can’t seem to get it together and all the other things that go with trying to see out of lens not designed for us. I learned a little something that day that ever so often I need to be reminded of – wearing my own lenses is the key to crystal clear eyesight. Thanks Paris for teaching me a valuable lesson.

Here’s to wearing prescriptions designed just for us! As the wolf said in Little Red Riding Hood, “the better to see you with my dear!” Cheers y’all!

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One thought on “Clear Eyes

  1. Great thought And I’m so thankful the Lord has the perfect prescription for our eyes, to see his path and vision. Have a great day. Many blessings and love, Mom

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