Peanut Butter

…it’s like walking through peanut butter. ~ Mary Carrillo

We were talking about the slow pace of a particular project when she busted out with the rather brilliant quote above. I’ve thought about that quote often since our conversation and tried to imagine what walking through peanut might be like. I rather imagine it would be slow, messy, you’d get stuck often and forward progress would be hard to measure. As much as we wish it not to be, as humans, there will be times where we will struggle and seem to be moving ahead at the rapid rate of zero mph. I think how we deal with these times in our lives reflect truly how we will shine when things are moving great. If we are able to learn the lessons, whatever they are, that our strolls through peanut butter teach us, I have a feeling we’ll be better able to appreciate those moments where we’re “tripping the light fantastic.”

So, here’s to those peanut butter moments and the lessons they teach us!

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