Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. ~ Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is honored the world over for his brilliance. In fact, according to Wikipedia, “his great intelligence and originality have made the word Einstein synonymous with genius.” Compared to Einstein, it’s pretty much a safe bet that I’m not considered a genius. But, I get the feeling from reading Einstein’s quote above that part of being a genius is trying new things, developing new theories. Einstein wrote over 300 scientific papers in his lifetime, including his theory of general relativity. I have to wonder, given the quote above, just how many ideas he put to paper that were off the mark, mistakes so to speak, before he came up with the right ones. Tonight the kid and I cooked lasagna taking an old recipe and sprucing it. You wouldn’t call it a mistake, in fact it was rather a work of genius. Maybe it was because cooking with my little guy makes me happy. Maybe it was because we were hungry. Whatever, the important thing was that we tried something new. It might have bombed, but, you know, that would have been all right too because it doesn’t appear that the finished product is what makes us geniuses. It’s trying, and maybe failing, but trying none-the-less.

Tonight I’d like to raise a glass to trying new things and to the genius in all of us. I hope that I instill in my little guy the love of trying new things…who knows, he may just end up being the next Einstein!

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