Stress is an ignorant state. It believes that everything is an emergency. ~ Natalie Goldberg

Ignorant? Did Natalie really just say ignorant? Strong words perhaps, but true. I use to live under the total bondage of stress and yeah, it was based on this truly ignorant belief that everything was an emergency. I mean, if I didn’t have enough money in the bank right now, that meant we were going to starve, or worse (not that worse was ever defined of course). If I didn’t receive a call back immediately, then it must mean something seriously awful ripped the universe apart. And so, I spent a lot of time running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Have you ever seen a chicken right after the blade has relieved it from its head? I watched my grandmother wring a chicken’s neck one time before frying it up for family dinner. I’ll never forget the crazy gyrations that chicken did after it rightfully should have been dead. I’ve also watched myself do some really stupid things because the sky was falling, falling right now, hard and fast. Except of course, it never did…fall that is. Yeah, some rain fell, a leaf or two floated from the sky but you know, the sky itself absolutely did NOT fall. Yeah, ignorance is truly the right description if and when we let ourselves make everything an emergency. Step back just a little and realize that the falling sky that has you all atwitter might just be an acorn that’s thumped you on the head.

Here’s to getting out of the emergency business and realizing that the sky [probably] isn’t falling. Oh, and enjoy a drink…one or two might just be what the doctor ordered. Cheers ya’ll!

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