Sometimes you have to lose your mind before you can come to your senses. ~ Peaceful Warrior

Today’s thought takes me back a couple of years, when I went through one of the most crazy lowest times of my life. Over a period of nearly two years I thought I literally was losing my mind. I told a friend over drinks earlier this evening that I was floundering, scared, desperately trying to find a stick or rock or something to hold on to in the swirling river rapids that I was in. To have your world turned up-side-down and totally changed had an effect that was a bit unexpected though. Somewhere in the middle of all the crazy, I started to figure out who I really was and am. I realized what was truly important in my life – family, friends, me. While my home life definitely took a hit during that time, I’m glad to say that I’m still great friends with that person I shared so much of my life with and our kid reminds me daily of the joy of life. I started reconnecting relationships in my extended family that for too long I had let lapse. I also learned who my real friends were and are. I also, finally, came to realize what an amazing person I am. Just as the Peaceful Warrior said, it took losing my mind to come to my senses. I ain’t even mad!

Tonight I raise my glass (vodka tonic with a lime) to losing our minds and therein finding what truly matters! Cheers!

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