To be rich in friends is to be poor in nothing. ~ Lilian Whiting

What a fabulous thought to close today out with. Our wealth should never be measured by our bank accounts (or lack thereof), by our toys, homes or cars or whatever else it is that society tells us quantifies riches. Our wealth should be measured by those who surround us with all of themselves. When I look at my life, starting with my amazing family who are not just family but friends, to the brilliant group of friends that surround my life, there is no doubt about my level of wealth. So, thank you Mom, Dad, Paris, Sis, Bub, Susie, Ty, Jason, Ria, Leisl, Sky, Nikki, Simon, Jesse, Brett, Joe, Stevie, Nathan, Rose, Susana, Alicia, Anita, Rosana, Erin, Richard, Stephanie, Dewey, Johnny and Brock for making my life rich. To those not mentioned, you know who you are and you aren’t forgotten.

Tonight I raise a glass (a buttery Chardonnay that’s hitting all the right notes) to my friends! Cheers to you!

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