Miss California “Scandal”

I don’t watch beauty pageants! Maybe that has to do with my home room teacher my sophomore year in high school. I don’t remember her name, but her face I’ll never forget. Well past her prime, she none-the-less, kept trying to relive her pageant days. It freaked me out! It still freaks me out! I’m also not a fan because typically, the ladies involved are often portrayed as intellectual midgets who are reduced to spouting off nice sounding “sound bites” coupled with a smile that’s not quite fake, not quite real, that lends credence to the accusation that these ladies aren’t much more than looks. That makes me very uncomfortable! And, if I’m being really honest, pageant ladies remind me of Barbi and I was never a Barbi fan. Perhaps that’s my bad, but, it’s the way it is.

Given the above, I think I can be excused for not knowing who the reigning Miss California is. The name Carrie Prejean meant nothing to me just as surely as the name Jonathan Bullock meant nothing to her.

I won’t bore you with the history of how Ms. Prejean’s name came into the spotlight, except to say that she deserves to be defended for speaking her opinion. We can truly be thankful that Ms. Prejean lives in a country where speaking one’s opinion, no matter how unpalatable, is allowed and in fact is encouraged!

Since her speech, Ms. Prejean has been lauded by christians and those who share her beliefs on marriage. She has also been defended by the likes of San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom. Unfortunately, and somewhat bizarrely, she, and some around her, have made claims of being viciously attacked for her stand – in essence playing the victim card. She is, according to her, being persecuted for her beliefs.

Perhaps! Certainly Perez Hilton’s little rant immediately following the Miss USA show was low-class and vulgar although something to be expected from a guy who has worked tirelessly to craft an image of tacky, crude and rude. There have been some minor players who have made some rather vile comments that certainly could be labeled mean. Mostly though, those who disagree have said just that –

“you are entitled to your belief no matter how misguided.”

Of course, now has come the news that shortly before the Miss USA pageant, Ms. Prejean received breast augmentation funded by the Miss California organization. And even as I write these, another story is brewing and breaking regarding Ms. Prejean having posed nude with some suggesting the photo’s were taken after her recent breast augmentation. Ms. Prejean has acknowledged the photos, while claiming they were taken several years ago.

The most interesting thing is this claim that those who are bringing this information out are somehow “persecuting” Ms. Prejean for her beliefs that “opposite marriage” is the best way. Maggie Gallagher, head of an organization whose goal and aim is to fight same-sex marriage, has issued a press release today where she has stated that Ms. Prejean is undergoing “character assassination.” Ms. Gallagher further states that “the level of hatred leveled at her is astonishing.”

My comment, made over at The American Spectator is this –

I fail to see how pointing out Ms. Prejean’s extra-curricular activities equals persecution. Ms. Prejean is the one who posed for the nude pictures. She’s the one who requested to have breast augmentation. Having those things pointed out doesn’t constitute persecution.

She certainly has the right and the freedom to speak her opinion regarding same-sex marriage and should be commended for saying how she feels. At the same time, she can’t go around acting like a victim when her own, less that prudent, actions are exposed.

It appears to me that Ms. Gallagher is doing her best to profit and benefit off of Ms. Prejean. In fact, I would go as far as to say that Ms. Gallagher and her organization are using Ms. Prejean and will discard her when they feel she isn’t worth anything to them any more. That’s pretty evil…much more evil than having the fact that Ms. Prejean has posed for nude pictures brought into the light.

Ms. Prejean has the right to speak her mind! As a Christian, perhaps she feels compelled to speak her mind. That’s fine too! But, as a Christian, she certainly shouldn’t be surprised when people call her out for her own decidedly suspect behavior, i.e. posing for nude photographs which opens her up to accusations of hypocrisy.

I know this must be tough on Ms. Prejean. She’s young and I know from personal experience that being caught between very powerful interests is not easy. It’s easy to lash out at those you feel are destroying the small amount of “credibility” you’ve managed to built up in your few short years. But, I’d say to Ms. Prejean, if you truly want to project an image of Christianity to your world, then you need to get quit twitting those you disagree with and calling them names.

Perhaps all this “scandal” puts things a little into perspective for me. Christians, at least those who hold to “traditional” marriage, are losing the battle when it comes to same-sex marriage and one of the reasons is because they quit trying to fight the battle with faith and stooped instead to using dirty tactics. No matter who we are, when we fail to take the high road in a fight, when we stoop to the level of our opponents, or worse, even lower, or when we fight using dirty tactics, then we should always be expected to loose.

I truly wish Ms. Prejean the best! I trust that she has a good group of friends who are supportive of her and who won’t drop her once her usefulness has faded. I am hopeful that perhaps she’ll be able to sit down with people from both sides of this debate and have a rational conversation.

This faux “scandal” is truly unfortunate and really, besides Perez Hilton, the only people who look bad are the Maggie Gallaghers of this world.


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  1. eric gessner

    right on!

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