How deep is your love?

I sometimes wonder if I’m the only sane person surrounded by idiots. Either that or I’m the idiot and the rest of the world is sane. Maybe it’s not that bad, but if the truth were told, I think all of us have these moments where we feel like we are surrounded by fools. Recently I saw a bumper sticker that said

I don’t like liars or fools…which one are you?

It seems that there are always people out there whose very purpose in life is to rain on our parade. Sometimes I catch myself, right out loud, singing

just make the world go away

The Bee Jees had a major hit off of Saturday Night Fever called How Deep Is Your Love? Today I’ve been humming

How deep is your love?
I really need to learn.
‘Cause we’re living in a world of fools.
Breaking us down.
When they all should let us be.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that describes most of us at one time or the other. These “fools” can block out the sun on a cloudless day. They seem to be able to cause a torrential downpour in places that are already over-saturated with water. They really do seem to be created to rob us of our joy.

When we are faced with these people who cause hurt and bring pain into our lives, we need someone who loves us and can wrap their big ole’ arms around us and hold us. Sure it’s nice to have someone close by to love on us a little bit, but what happens when there isn’t anyone around to turn to? I think it is at times like these that we need to start learning a bit about the unfathomable love of God.

I have found when confronted (and confounded) by people out to steal my joy, rain on my parade, or dance on my grave, that I have learned a great deal more about the matchless love of God. Instead of responding in kind, which we are all want to do in these types of situations and around these types of people, I have just been climbing up into Daddy’s big arms. What I have found in those arms has been amazing in its depth and scope. It is limitless!! And as I’m learning to wrap myself in that love, I’m finding that it bleeds over into all areas of my life. The really cool thing is that these “fools” who are like flies on a horses behind, they are experiencing that love as well. Why? Because as it flows over me and through me, it also flows out of me…to them. Maybe that’s why there is a verse that talks about loving those who wish to do you harm. Apparently the love of God has a neutralizing effect. WOW!! Talk about a relief!!

How deep is your love God? I’m learning that I haven’t even scratched the surface!


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