Early One Morning


My mom has finally joined the bloggesphere! At 62 years old, she is more engaged that probably at any point in her life. I was born shortly after she graduated from Bible college with a call to preach! While my dad went to college full time (and worked full time), my mom set off to fulfill the calling she heard from God. During the summers, they loaded my sister and I into the car and we travelled to churches and campmeetings where my mom preached and my dad sang. Eventually she stepped back from preaching, but never from sharing the good news of Jesus Christ that had dramatically changed her life at the age of 19.

By my teen years, my mom was active as a pastor’s wife and as the administrator for Dayspring Ministries (my dad is the founder and radio voice for the ministry). She was also involved in marriage counselling, teaching in our local Christian school and in general running laps around everyone around her. Her greatest joy though, outside of serving Jesus, was being mother to her three kids (and anyone else who was ushered into the household).

Today, we are all grown! And she’s still going strong! She serves, along with my father, as Co-Pastor of Cornerstone Community Church in St. Petersburg Florida. She is the President of the Free Methodist Women’s Ministries International, an auxillary to the Free Methodist World Missions of the Free Methodist Church of North America. She is also the Executive Director of Dayspring Ministries, an international evangelistic media outreach touching the lives of people around the world with the message of victorious Christian living. Oh, and she’s writing a book. And somewhere in her busy schedule, she finds time to host marriage conferences with my dad and carry a slate of speaking engagements.

Despite her schedule, her greatest joy (outside of Jesus Christ of course) is her kids…and now grandkids! I know better than to call her on the home phone…in fact I don’t even have it. I’ve got her mobile number on speed dial often catching her as she’s sitting on a runway somewhere. I know she’s busy with all this other stuff, but she seems to forever be at my sister’s house watching her two or my brother’s house watching his two. How she does this, from across the country is beyond me. Then again, this is a woman who has successfully juggled being a wife and mother with everything else she’s had going on.

I’m proud of my mom and am excited to be able to glimpse a little into her world! Check out the link below and also on my blogroll!

Love you mom!

Early One Morning

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2 thoughts on “Early One Morning

  1. Wow, a blogger is born! Thanks for letting us know.

  2. Jay Dargan

    I know and appreciate Rex and LaWanda and their Spirit filled ministry. Only in eternity will it be known all the good that they have done in this world for the cause of Christ.

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